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You've worked hard for the things you have. Keep them protected with Connection 1, LLC. home and business security solutions. Protecting your assets has never been more affordable or convenient than with Connection 1, LLC. We offer a wide selection of security, surveillance, and automation products from the top brands for you to choose from.

Complete Security Solutions

We are the local choice for professional alarms and security services. Integrated security, surveillance, and access control solutions offer the most secure and easy to manage solution. Serving homes and businesses throughout southeast Michigan with the knowledge and training of a large corporation, while still providing a personal on-site experience. Connection 1, LLC. is available for all your technology support and service needs. Sleep safe and sound with the knowledge that Connection 1, LLC. is working hard to secure your home or business.

Control your system while you're away

A security system isn't just a security system anymore. Interactive security and video monitoring, energy management and automation solutions will make your home or business smarter than ever before. Monitor and control every aspect of your home or business with the ease and convenience of a smartphone application. Connection 1, LLC. is a verified distributor of automation solutions and we will help you configure your new smart security solution provide to work around your needs, while still providing an easy to manage user experience.

Alarms and Intrusion Detection Systems

Security Solutions

Connection 1, LLC. access and intrusion detection systems are more reliable and robust than phone company alarm systems. Phone and internet lines can be severed, but with Connection 1, LLC.'s Alarm.com ecosystem, your home and business safety is under constant protection. Connection 1, LLC. utilizes cellular wireless connections to all security panel devices.

Instant Alerts & Analytics Detection

Get real-time notifications by text or email to know exactly what’s happening, at the moment it happens. Analytics can detect when a PERSON/VEHICLE/ANIMAL enters a specified area(like an IT storage or server room), and send notifications with clips and links to the live/recorded video. Choose to receive alerts via text, push notification, email or phone call. Our security solutions allow you to make decisions on the fly at the most critical of times.

Complete Control

When you are at work or on vacation, get real time notifications and respond with our easy to use mobile app. Use GEO services to automatically turn on your outside lights when you come home at night. Connection 1, LLC. will also gladly create scenes for you like SLEEP. One button that can make sure all of your lights are off, the doors and windows are closed and locked, and the security system is armed, so you can sleep easy knowing that we have your back.

Professional 24-Hour Monitoring Services

Commercial Monitoring Solutions

Our Licensed and UL Listed Central Station Monitoring ensures professional Emergency Response for security and fire alarm systems. In an emergency, you can receive instant notifications and speak directly to an emergency operator. With the option of two-way voice communication on some systems, you can even speak to an directly to an operator through your security system, even in the event of a power outage.

Home Monitoring Solutions

Connection 1, LLC. will keep your home monitored and secured even when you’re not actively watching. Our affordable 24 hour monitoring services provide the best protection using cellular communication for reliable transmission and redundancy in the event of a fire or burglary. Emergency services will be notified immediately to ensure the safety and protection of your property and family.

Cameras & Home Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems You Can Trust

Keep an eye on your valuables with a surveillance system from Connection 1, LLC.. Reliable surveillance is your number one defense against theft and intrusion. High definition security video is the best tool to ensure justice is served in the situation of home intrusion and can be used by police investigators to identify burglars.

Choosing the correct surveillance system is paramount to your security. Connection 1, LLC. provides only the best with High Definition and IP security cameras, two-way audio capability, and full color night vision options. Our installers will get your system running smoothly and quickly with no hassle to you. Let our security experts analyze your home for the best camera angles to keep your home under surveillance even while you are away from home.

Monitor your home while away and live worry-free while allowing maid services and pool cleaners to operate without the need for you to be there. Make sure the kids and your pets are safe and sound with remote video monitoring from your computer or smart-phone and cloud video storage available.

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